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It was a good animation but there was lack of scenery. Try to ad more variation to yourclip. I'll have to give this a low rating due to very linear story so to say. Good luck in the future!

So awsome!

Hmm. Well it's madness allright. I always loved it. But It's just nothing new. It is like watching the same old movies that was back in the days. It would be great with some new elements. Maybe some cutscenes or some kind of cinematic effects. Don't get me wrong. It's still good. But it's just not that little extra. As good as it might be. Nothing can stay the same forever. I bet that a new style would be absolutely great! Take this as constructive critisism. I want the madness series to continue. It just needs to be freshened up a bit. GRTZ Zenit.

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holy f!

awsome and unique game. and... GANGURO GIRL MUSIC!! :O


great game! P.S. Angry faic smoke detector! >:(


there is no point in this game. the only thing you do is fly and move. not entertaning in any way. you should ad like some background enviroment and some things to gather to make it a little bit more interesting. As it is now i really can't say that i see a point in it. I would say you put this up beacuse of the song itself and not the game. If you are to upload a game you can try to make it more creative. no matter if it takes longer time. people will like it more and that is worth the wait. Next time i suggest that you put some more work into the moving system and background mainly. the rest is up to you to experiment with. Ad some coins, platforms, enemies whatever. Don't need to be complicated. As long as it is something. Keep trying mate. don't give up till it is done! take care. greetings from The Twister

longboard2live responds:

This game is genius.

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Fantastic job as always! Really like that you used so many different elements. Unique and well composed. Cudos to you my friend!

Is there something that you can't do? :O So beautiful.


just a bunch of random sounds pretty much. Keep trying man :)

etK responds:

I don't think they are random sounds. But thanks for the review.

Get crazy and eat something or whatever...

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